Gallery 2 (The corrected and supplemented ladies) :))

After a long and sometimes painful experiments, our Maya created several stable clones of 6 and 7 generation. All of them serve or have served as a benchmark for small-pieces production. Well, and already created  units will to remain in the laboratory for presentations and as models. And in order not to create problems themselves with their maintenance, they are sent to the cryochamber. And pulled out as needed. An exception is made only for the wiki-21. She found application as a maid.

properly Vika-21 on motorcycle


Maussi (7 generation model)

Vika-29 (Hybrid model of generation 6 and 7)It was created as a compromise. Since the 6 th and 7 th model incompatible. It has face similar Vike-21 and similar complexion, but the 7-generation content.





also Zaya.